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Girls Middle School Competitive Cheer, Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · FHS Cheer Blast!

Cheer Blast

The FHS competition cheerleaders are excited to host a home competition, for the first time in 3 years, this Saturday, October 1st at the FHS Mike Ellis Gymnasium.  We have 27 schools coming to our facilities this weekend and we hope that you all come out to support our Ben Hill Middle School Competitive Cheerleading team and our Fitzgerald High School competitive cheerleading team.

The doors will open at 9AM for the Middle School session.  The competition will begin at 10AM for Middle School and 12:30PM for High School.  GHSA passes and BHCS passes will be honored.  You will have to sign in for each pass.  Only the school employee will be allowed entry for a BHCS pass.  Any family members, friends, etc. will have to pay for a ticket; children 4 and under are free with parents.  The tickets are $8 per session or $12 for both MS and HS sessions.  Only the doors that face the football stadium will be open for entry.  All other doors to the gymnasium will be locked.  Per GHSA, the gym will have to be completely cleared after the middle school session and then opened again for the HS session.

Absolutely no flash photography is allowed.  The judges will stop the competition if they see any flash photography as it can distract the girls performing and becomes a safety issue.

We are all ecstatic to bring competitive cheerleading to Fitzgerald this season!  These girls work extremely hard to be successful in this sport and would love nothing more than to see past and present teachers, coaches, and administrators at the competition Saturday!

BHMS Performance Time:  11:31 (last in the Middle School Session)

FHS Performance Time:  1:47 (last in the High School Session)

These performance times are approximates.  We try to stay as close to schedule as possible but we may run late if we have any injuries, issues, etc. during the day.

2016 “Purple Girls”


Bethany Clark

Sydney Bennett

Alli Pelham


Devyn Davis

Kirstin Crook


Hadlee Hogan

Lexi Cobb

Charity Moore

Hayley Carnley


Tristen Morris

Shelbi Pelham

Kyah Crook

Devan Young

McKenzie Edge

Kalise Thomas

We can’t wait to see you Saturday!