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Multiple Teams · Three Canes Win Individual Titles at GACA State Weightlifting Championship!

Fitzgerald Seniors JD King, Jason Poe, and Anthony “Loopy” Ransey won their Weight Class at the GACA State Weightlifting Competition this past Saturday in Louisville at Jefferson County High School.

JD King (RB – Oklahoma State) cleaned 370 pounds and bench pressed 305 pounds for a total of 675 ponds.

Jason Poe (Hutchinson CC) cleaned 335 pounds and bench pressed 370 pounds for a total of 705 pounds.

Anthony Ransey (Hutchinson CC) cleaned 375 pounds and bench pressed 350 pounds for a total of 725 pounds. Ransey was not done impressing as he then cleaned 405 POUNDS!

The Purple Hurricane finished 4th in the Team Competition with the following members also placing:

David Echeverria
Lawrence Curry
Leondre Thompson
Tony Duffie
Savion Porter